Women's Impact Montreal Collective Fund

Become a member today by making your annual gift of $1,500!


• The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on women and girls throughout Canada.
Montreal does not escape this situation. Immigrant, racialized and Indigenous women and
girls are particularly vulnerable, especially those who live in poverty or isolation.

• The latest numbers show that violence against women is on the rise. Shelters for women fleeing
domestic violence cannot meet the demand for support.

• Women consistently have reduced access to stable employment and equal pay, earning on average 32% less than men. Moreover, they head the vast majority of single parent families.

• The pandemic has deepened many mental health issues. The current numbers show that young
women have a higher risk of suffering from loneliness or the consequences of losing their job.

In response, the Foundation of Greater Montréal is launching a new giving initiative: the Women's Impact Montreal (WIM) Collective Fund.

Every gift will help fill a gap in the crucial funding of organizations working within or across issues
impacting women and girls.


Mobilize the collective power of philanthropy in order to address the myriad issues that threaten
the well-being of women and girls in Greater Montreal.

Impact organizations that offer transformative and lasting solutions to the problems faced by
women and girls in Montreal.

Involve new audiences in the valuable work of philanthropy.

The Foundation of Greater Montréal seeks to recruit 100 founding members to the Fund. Each member is invited to make a tax-deductible contribution to build the Fund - to be used for both annual granting and for the creation of a long-lasting endowment to sustain this work.

The first 100 membership contributions will be matched 1:1 by the Foundation of Greater


• Invest in Funds with pooled resources to maximize philanthropic impact.

• Donate today to become a member of the Fund through an annual gift of $1,500 and pledge
your support for three years ($1,000 for members under 40). Your gift can be made outright, or
through a monthly contribution.

• Help us spread the word about the WIM Collective Fund with your network to have an even larger
impact in your community!

You will join a collective with a common purpose - to make a difference for women and girls in Greater Montreal. You will play a role in building an important new source of positive change in our city and see the impacts of your philanthropy.

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