15 septembre 2019
Parc Maisonneuve

Team Carole


Recently our family has been affected by ALS. Despite the heartache we all feel, we know our only solution is to fight. So we are rising up from the pain and sadness to instead, come together in strength and love.

We hope you support us in our fight because it is thanks to people like you that ALS Quebec can offer services and programs to families like ours at every stage of the disease. This will also help with ALS research, in hopes of finding a treatment.

From our family to you, we sincerely thank you.

Récolté : 1 200 $
Objectif : 2 500 $


02-08-2019 30 $

Carole you’ve always been like a second mom to me and Jenny has always been my better half! Through thick and thin! I love you guys and keep strong ❤️

05-08-2019 50 $
Sylvie Beauchamp

Bonjour Carole, désolé d'apprendre que tu es atteint de la SLA. Mes pensées sont avec toi et ta famille.

04-08-2019 25 $
Don privé

You are a beautiful &strong family and together you will fight this. Thinking of you and sending you positive vibes????????

09-08-2019 50 $
Lisa Poitras
02-08-2019 25 $
Don privé
15-08-2019 50 $
Don privé

Ensemble nous allons traverser cette epreuve, mon amie

03-08-2019 50 $
Don privé

Carole, you are such a strong amazing woman,who has raised 3 of most wonderful women who I am blessed to have as friends. You have always welcomed me into your home with open arms in which I cannot thank you enough . Xoxox

09-08-2019 500 $

My prayers are with you and the girls

02-08-2019 20 $
Don anonyme
02-08-2019 100 $
Don privé

Carole you've always treated me like a son, and your daughters like their brother. Im hoping the best and this little bit can help.

09-08-2019 25 $
Nat and Sam

Love you Thinking of you!

13-08-2019 50 $
Bernie Praw

Go for it, Boss

14-08-2019 50 $
Julie Hobbs

Wishing you the best! ❤️

05-08-2019 30 $
Suzanne Menard
02-08-2019 20 $
Don privé

I will be there to walk with you guys if i don’t work ♥️

06-08-2019 100 $
EpicMind Studio

We all need to fight for something - be it disease, the environment, humaine causes. Wish you to raise a great amount for this terrible disease.

09-08-2019 25 $
Dan Kestler