8 juin 2019
Musée Canadien de la Guerre / Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Kelly Ann Sullivan

Récolté : 335 $
Objectif : 250 $


28-04-2019 30 $
David Ostrosser

Bon courage!

15-04-2019 50 $
Randa Boileau
12-04-2019 30 $
Don privé

HI Kelly Ann,
I'm so sorry to hear of Daniel's diagnosis. This must have been such a shock. From everything you had shared with me, you are a loving, kind, fun family, that will navigate this with grace, though I'm very happy that the ALS Society is there to support you. Please take time for yourself too mama. xoxo

27-05-2019 100 $
Pankewich Family

Bon courage! On vous aime beaucoup!

08-06-2019 50 $
Don privé
07-04-2019 25 $
Kelly Ann Sullivan
12-04-2019 50 $
Don privé

My good friend You have so much strength and are handling this challenge with so much grace and love. My thoughts and love are with you all. Will try to be there for the walk xoxo